Skill Stacking for your Athlete’s Improvement

One of the biggest mistakes I see athletes make is trying to jump too far ahead in their skill training. Often times they’ll see a move or workout (from a pro) and want to practice it.

The mistake is that, 90% of the time, they haven’t developed the skills that lead up to that move or workout and they get frustrated when they can’t do it the same way it was seen.

If you missed my LIVE training on a practice I call SKILL STACKING last Thursday. Here is what it is about and how it will help them:

1) Design their practice around where they are at RIGHT now, with their big aspiration in mind.
2) Focus on Fortifying a Weakness that might hold them back, but more than that ELEVATE a STRENGTH that separates them from other players.
3) How to create a streak, Development of a new Habit, so their practice becomes consistent.

In case you missed last week’s training video – The Peak Performance Pyramid you can watch that on the above link.

It was all about how Body Language, Thoughts and their Words effect an athletes performance.

Coach Jeremy

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, we are rolling out a 6 month basketball
training program designed to help with not only their speed, strength,
vertical and skill development but their CONFIDENCE. If you’d like more
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The 3 Languages that Make or Break an Athlete

Do you ever sit on the sidelines and watch your athlete under-perform, because they let their emotions get the best of them?

One bad play/performance leads to another and another and ANOTHER…

It’s typically due to one, or all three, of their languages.

1) Body language – slumped shoulders, throwing their arms up in the air or sitting on the bench un-engaged with the team.

2) Verbal Language – yelling out in frustration, blaming the referees for questionable calls or possibly yelling at teammates, if they have them.

3) Internal Language –  missing one shot or making one mistake, they think to themselves…  “I just don’t have it today” or worst of all “I’m trash. I better not make another one or I’m going to get benched”

Language is the key to confidence and that can absolutely be trained. It takes time and a lot of work, but an athletes improvement here will sky-rocket other areas of their life.

Attitude, Work Ethic, Character, Leadership and more for both sport & life.

If you like this and agree that language is important, you’ll love the LIVE training I’m going to do this Thursday at 12:13pm at this link:

We’ll be discussing strategies to help athletes interrupt these languages but I’ll also share how our 5 step process enables athletes to:

“Get of the sidelines and into the lineup so they can enjoy the game, win more and build confidence to chase their dreams in sport and in life.”

Until then, grade your athletes language – is it a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10. How can you help them raise that number and create more joy in their sport?

Coach Jeremy

P.S. If you have an athlete who you KNOW needs help in this area, email me to setup a strategy session about our 6 month Sideline to Starter GamePlan.

Jeremy Gritton
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The 4 Attributes of an Athlete⭐️

2 Moves to Increase Vertical and Explosiveness

If you’re wanting to help your athlete be more ????explosive or increase their ⬆️vertical, today’s video will break down two of my all time favorites:

Click here for this Explosive Video!

These are a few of the many we do in our Fast Twitch program to help athletes get off the bench and into the game while building up their confidence to do JUST THAT.

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Due to our commitment to keep these sessions small, we only take 10 athletes at a time so make sure you book your spot ASAP.

Coach Jeremy

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Hard Work or Confidence

Hard work or Confidence, which one is more important for young athletes? This 2 minute video gives parents the knowledge to help their kiddos reach their full potential.

Coach Jeremy


Athlete and Performance Identity

Earlier this week I posted about Performance Identity: (Click here to see ) and the responses told me it’s something that we as parents/coaches should be more aware of.

Their attitudes, their confidence and their Identity can often be shaped by how they perform in a game, race or speech.

Let’s help them understand IT DOESN’T DEFINE YOU.

I like to say it’s 90% prep and 10% performance, lets put less stress on
them to PERFORM and encourage them to PRACTICE. It’ll develop better
athletes and young men & women.

If your athlete could benefit from this kind of coaching, we have a new
Fast Twitch program rolling out.

Here’s what a parent recently shared:

“Thank you guys for inspiring the boys and working on the MENTAL SIDE of
being a great athlete!”

To claim a training session, email us today at: and hear
about our unique way of coaching:
1) Mental Strength
2) Physical Strength and Speed
3) Paperclip Challenge

It’s how we’ve been able to help so many kids stop DEFINING by a single
good or bad day.

Coach Jeremy

P.S. We are also launching a new age group within our Fast Twitch program
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