August Events

Hey Gang,

I wanted to let everyone know some dates for our running club as well as a Swing Technique Class and Advocare 24 Day Challenge/New Product Taste Testing.

As you know we will be starting the Gritton’s Running Club and here are the dates for the month:

  1. Thursday 8/9 @ 5:30am at Riley Field Track (interval runs)
  2. Tuesday 8/14 @ 5:30 (track workout)
  3. Thursday 8/16 @ 5:30 (track workout)
  4. Wednesday 8/22 @ 5:30am (track workout)
  5. Saturday 8/25 @ 7:30am at Drake Field for 5k or 10k run (but others can certainly run shorter distances)
  6. Thursday 8/30 @ 5:30 (track workout)

Other Dates to Mark on your Calendar:

  • Sunday August 12th at 8:00am Swing Technique Class (we will accept 13 people) If you attended the first class, please allow someone new to experience the class this session.
  • Wednesday August 15th at 6:00pm for Advocare 24 Day Challenge Meeting and New Product Taste Testing (there is room for 10 people)

If you would like to attend the Swing Technique Class or the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and New Product Meeting please post on the blog that you will be attending. It is first 13 and first 10 to respond.

I have 10 of you down to join the GRC (Gritton’s Running Club) so if you have not informed me of your intentions to join please email me asap. I will be laying out 3 days of running each week for everyone in the club regardless of if you can attend every session or not.


I hope everyone is having a great day and week and making wise food choices to help you get closer to your goals.


Your Coach





Beach Body Leaders

Hey Gang,

After all the weigh-ins and measurements, I have the leaders in the Beach Body Contest and the $500 grand prize: (plus the contest between your coaches)

  1. Louis A. – 29.57% Jeremy’s Kettlebell (Louis has also lost 18lbs)
  2. Kirsten G. – 23.17% Jeremy’s Boot Camp (Kirsten has lost 13lbs)
  3. Mike W. – 21.58% Kim’s Kettlebell
  4. Peter A. – 17.15% Kim’s Kettlebell
  5. Karen T. – 16.39% Kim’s Kettlebell
  6. David J. – 14.93% Kim’s Kettlebell (David has lost 10lbs)
  7. Dawn C. – 13.55% (She is David’s better half) Kim’s Kettlebell Class
  8. Becky R. – 10.68% Kim’s Kettlebell
  9. Pam H. – 9.74% Jeremy’s Boot Camp (Pam has lost 12lbs)
  10. Jennifer M. – 9.02% Jeremy Boot Camp

Absolutely amazing ya’ll! It gives me goose bumps to see changes like this from our clients. These are our top 10, but I would love to see the other 110 people join in on the fun. Maybe you can’t win the contest, but you can certainly make some amazing life changes (which are way more valuable).

Here is the update from your coaches:

  1. Me – 36.42% Change (almost at my goal of 9%, but I better keep pushing because Kim will never stop!)
  2. Kim Day – 27.01% Change

Good news (for Kim) is that I am going to have to weigh-in a bit early due to a trip.

Additionally, I do want to brag on a couple of people who are not on the leader board:

Renee Day (Kim’s much much better half) who is not eligible for the prize has dropped 17.47%

Tracy Bowe has lost an amazing 14lbs so far in the contest, so we know the body-fat will change very soon.

Way to go ladies, so proud of both of you!

Lastly I wanted to send out a new Interval Routine (instead of killing so many trees each month). This is the 30 minute interval routine I usually put on the monthly calendars. You guys should know the weekly layout by now so we will give this a try. If you are not currently doing the interval, give them a try and watch the body-fat drop like a rock. Good food choices, great coaches and balancing strength and cardio is the magic formula for those people on the leader board.

30 Minute Interval Routine (can be applied to running or any other cardio exercise):

  • Warm-up 5-10 minutes
  • 2 minutes all our effort
  • 1 minute recovery
  • Repeat four more times for a total of 5
  • Cool-down 5-10 minutes then be sure to stretch

I did this one on Tuesday of this week and it will certainly “get your attention”. Great workout and you will feel the results the very next morning.

The Beach Body Contest is over June 21st so everyone has to weigh-in on or before that day to be eligible. Stay focused ya’ll and see the entire 12 weeks through to the end (you won’t regret it). If you slack off now, then you will most certainly kick yourself for not staying the course.

Until then, everyone have a great weekend.

Your Coach


Commitment and Perseverance

If I had a $ for every book I’ve read on what it takes to be successful, I’d have about $4. Seriously, I have read more books on this than I can even remember and almost all of them talk about taking action on a great idea or thought. Without action you might as well not even have those great thoughts or dreams. You are better off going through life satisfied with how you look and what you have.

There are a million reasons not to take action, vacations/parties/finances/sickness/injuries and the list goes on. What I have discovered over the years is that if we allow these things to become an excuse then we didn’t have enough DESIRE to overcome those obstacles.

In a book by Zig Ziglar he sums it up perfectly; “… there are two qualities that every person must have to fuel their desire and sustain their pursuit of success. Those two qualities are commitment and perseverance . You need commitment to produce the focus and consistency you need to keep your eye on the target. Then you need perseverance to make it over the rough spots and setbacks you will most certainly experience along the journey to success. ”

In today’s times we have so much information out there that it is really easy to take our eye off the prize because we are gathering too much information. I love having the internet and being able to learn anything I want at the drop of a hat, but what I hate to see are people who are searching for a NEW and DIFFERENT answer to solve their little setback.

Sometimes as your coaches Ricky, Celia, Kim, Carla, Jamie and I will challenge each of you to “stay the course” even when one week doesn’t yield the kind of results you expected. Your commitment is important at this point because it binds you to the specific course of action. Your commitment is fueled by your desire, which means staying the course in the face of adversity.

As a quick example; during our Beach Body Contest I committed to drop my body-fat to 9% and I laid out a very specific plan of action to do so. There have been many weeks where I woke up tested my body-fat and was very disappointed with the number in front of me. BUT… my commitment to being a good leader and my desire to help coach/motivate and inspire each person is great enough to keep me on my course. Too many times people give up when they are faced with adversity such as a week long sickness or graduation/birthday party. If I/we allow whatever the adversity to stop us then we fail permanently! Specifically, if you stop, then you didn’t finish the plan of action and the success may not ever happen (or you will look for more information or another strategy because this plan obviously didn’t work).

Join me in this WAR on not only body-fat but so much more than that. It is learning the ability to turn DESIRE into commitment then perseverance to see it all the way through. What is your TARGET (not the store…) what is it important and will you stay committed as the end of the school year approaches and summer creeps up closer and closer?

Hopefully your answer was yes and you have thought about what that specific goal is. Do you have it in your head? It has to be specific it has to be something you can measure (mine is the 9% body-fat goal). Okay, now that you have that picture in your head, why is is important to you? Let that be your FUEL and DESIRE, because without a clear WHY you simply will lay down when adversity comes your way.

Be committed and be persistent! Join me and all of our staff at A Cut Above Fitness.

If you are not a current client, I want to cordially invite you to attend a Nutritional Seminar where you can learn a lot about nutrition (What to Eat and What Not to Eat) but more importantly how to turn your DESIRE into COMMITMENT and PERSEVERANCE over the summer months.

May 21st at 6:00pm, we will have the Nutritional Seminar and then open up a few spots for two brand new programs called X-Fit (Extreme Fitness) and Celia’s Summer Fit. There will be prizes, games and a ton of motivation (whether you join us or not) so please email us today to reserve a spot in the seminar (678) 364-6800 or simply post on the blog that you will be attending with first and last name.

There will be some special offers on this night, Only, so if you have the desire and you just need the Plan of Action to help you get there this is one night you will not want to miss.


Dedicated to your Health

Jeremy Gritton

Owner, A Cut Above Fitness



If you can’t make this seminar, but you are interested in someone setting up a plan of action for you then call the office and Shelly will direct you to a private consultation with me. We will discuss your goals, your budget and what works best to get you to your goals. This is an $85 offer and I honestly don’t have a ton of spots open so please contact us asap (678) 364-6800.

Sample Event Slated

What: 5 Strategies for Weight Loss Seminar

Where: The Studio (3 Blocks from Lionhess Elementary School)

When: From 7pm – 8:30-pm

More Info: Email or Call Us!