Cardio Body or Strong Body?

strongwomanWhat kind of body do you want to have? It’s important to ask yourself that question because different types of exercise (all beneficial) will provide different results.  What we mean is, doing a ton of cardio (and cardio is great) will not help you build strong lean muscle.  So it really depends on what your goals are but if being strong and toned is your goal, cardio isn’t going to get you there.

The first time I laid eyes on my beautiful wife Brandy it was the fact that she had muscular legs that drew me to her. In fact, I turned to the trainer behind the desk and told him upon that first image that I would marry that girl. I kid you not that we were talking about marriage within a few days. But, that is a story for another day!

My question for you to consider is this, “what kind of body would you like to have”? There isn’t a right or wrong answer, but if you said “A strong lean one“, know you MUST have regular strength training in order to build muscle. Cardio actually does the opposite most times (unless its intervals, that I discussed last week).

If you read my previous blog post from last Friday you know that cardio has it’s place and interval style training is helpful in building lean muscle, but typical cardio that most average people complete is more about just burning some calories.

Next time you are pinched for time, don’t do the easy thing and do a few minutes of cardio. When you are faced with the inevitable burden of choosing one, always opt for strength training. The effects are much longer lasting and will help you build a better body (not just quickly burning some calories).

Here’s to a “stronger” you!

Your Coach


P.S. On Saturday April 18th from 9-10:15am, we are actually going to show you how to combine strength with some high intensity Kettlebell and cardio training. All levels of fitness are welcome, to the first 10 to reserve a spot, but be sure to RSVP to Kathy first chance you get –

Fat Burning Cardio?

While I was standing in the rain at my boys baseball games, one of the parent’s of a teammate for my oldest son asked me a question about cardio.

He asked if he should slow down while he is running to keep his heart rate in a fat burning zone. My response was, YES and NO. However, you don’t want to slow your run down to the point of changing your form. We were discussing how it’s almost impossible to get into the 70% of maximum heart rate while we run.

If you have to slow to the point to where you are actually running with a different form or gait, STOP. That will lead to an injury.

The reason I answered yes and no is because different styles of cardio have distinct benefits. If you can do cardio (of any kind) and keep your heart rate in that 7 out of 10 range then 45-60 minutes is the time you want to maximize your body burning fat as it’s energy source.

My preferred style of cardio training, is to perform intervals. After a warm up, intervals push you for a set time or distance then allow your heart rate come back down. Repeating this for a set number of rounds, distances, or times. Not only are intervals a great way to make the time go by, but are also great at torching a ton of calories, including for 3-4 hours after your done. Not to mention, intervals signal your body to build strength to repeat this exercise in the future.

Personally, I do these all the time, sometimes by necessity. I live way out in the country  and often times I’ll be out for a leisure run when I get chased by dogs. In the country, dogs seem to be running around everywhere, don’t ask me why we rednecks tend to do this but we do. So instead of a leisure run it turns into running for my life or charging the pack and even barking like a crazy man to try and scare them off. If you ever need a good laugh, come and follow me around for these “dog interval runs”.

Next time you are considering cardio, think about the goal for the workout. Is it to do fat burning (45-60 minutes) or is it to do intervals to burn more calories (20-40 minutes). Both have their place and are of tremendous benefit.

But even more important than all this information… DO SOMETHING. All the science and information is less important than you simply moving and being active.

In Your Health,


P.S. Did you know we are having an open house the week of April 13th-18th? If you would like to sample what we do, and see some of the amazing interval workouts we can provide contact us and see if we have any spots available.

Three Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Semi Private Client on TRXOver the past 12 years in the Fitness Industry and now 6+ years personal training, I’ve seen a lot of reasons why people need a personal trainer.

Here are the top three reasons I hear when consulting with people about personal training.

#1 – Need for Knowledge – Having 5 certified and amazing personal trainers at Gritton’s Training System, you not only get one personal trainers knowledge, but our entire staff’s knowledge base. I see proper knowledge as a need for people because they simply don’t know how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Mixing Strength Training, Cardio and Nutrition in a way that will provide you with maximum results.

#2 – How to Implement that Knowledge – Sometimes a person has a lot of knowledge but they need a personal trainer to show them how to take that knowledge and put it into a workable plan of action for them. Even in our group settings like Boot Camp and Kettlebell, we help each person plug the necessary components into their lives that are realistic and sustainable.

#3 – Group Support and Accountability – Lets face it, even with the proper knowledge, sometimes we need someone to put our feet to the fire and ask the tough questions. As your personal trainers, the Gritton’s Training System staff, will ask you those questions and support you in your journey to ensure long term success.

If one of these three areas sound like something you need help with, contact us for a free consultation (a $90 value) to discuss your goals and the proper action steps to reach them. (404) 625-5778 or

You will be surprised at how affordable personal training can be when you join our GTS community. Check out our version of the best of personal training (you get the fun and support of groups but the personal attention of private one on one personal training):  Semi-Private Training

In Your Health;

Jeremy Gritton


Strength is What Matters

In the end Strength is the most important thing. I don’t mean unusable and unimportant strength like the old saying “How Much Can you Bench” because really who cares?

I’m talking about functional strength from your arms to your legs and everything in-between. Strength is the thing that makes us enjoy life, makes it so that we can do things we never thought possible and even gives you that added confidence to carry yourself in a totally different manner. Strength, and the kind of strength that impacts every area of life only comes from being consistent with your exercise. This morning, last Friday and a few weeks again in Kettlebell was a testament to that.

In fact, I was so inspired this morning I had to share my thoughts. In our early morning boot camp we brought in our big tires and had a little fun flipping them down the long room and then doing pushups on them.

This is what it looks like, that tire is bigger than a lot of people but they can still flip it.

RO Momma Working the Big Tire







We did something similar last Friday in Kettlebell and a couple weeks ago in early morning Kettlebell. I have been so inspired to see people flip the tire with power and strength. People who could not do it 4, 5 or 6 months ago. It is a testament to everyone being consistent with coming to class and working hard.

Consistency is why these people made such drastic improvements, not something for 3 or 4 weeks but month after month and it shows.

To all my GTS clients and family, keep it up, stay consistent and life gets just that much better when you have the necessary strength.

If your not a member of the GTS family, but would like to come back or check us out then call me and we can setup a free week for you to get your consistency and strength going again. (404) 625-5778 I guarantee you won’t regret it.

KB and TRX Workout

Here’s a quick and effective Kettlebell and TRX workout. It doesn’t matter if your new to exercise or really experienced, there are options for both levels of fitness.

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Weekly Workout

Workout for the Week:
I finished this one off about an hour ago, and I swear I am still sweating!

  • 1/2 Mile Run (you could certainly 1/4 mile or elliptical instead)
  • 10 Swings (1/3 your body-weight)
  • 10 Front Squats Holding 2 Kettlebells (1/2 body weight)
  • 5 Pullups (NO KIPPING, those aren’t pullups)
  • 25 Pushups
  • 5 Pistols Each Leg (squatting down to a bench or without, on one leg)
  • Without rest
  • A 1 mile run (or half a mile, if on the elliptical do double the time as first round)
  • Then repeat the above movements but double everything…
  • OHH… and ENJOY

This one ain’t no joke and is sure to fire up your metabolism.

Plus, it’s hitting every major muscle group and you are in and out in about 20-25minutes.

Once I was done, I recovered with my NEW favorite Advocare shake.

  • 4ozs of Skim Milk
  • 4ozs of Water
  • 2 Scoops of Vanilla Muscle Gain
  • 1/2 Packet of Chocolate Mocha Meal Replacement Shake

If you give it a try, let me know your thoughts.

Your Coach

Jeremy Gritton