Quick and Effective Workout

Training Tip for the Day: I’ve got a great workout routine from something I did yesterday.

  • Warm-up with a half mile run
  • 5 Pull-ups (no kipping..dead-hang pullups for strength)
  • 25 Pushups
  • 25 Bicycle Crunches
  • Repeat one more time
  • Then another half mile run at a quicker pace
  • Repeat the above strength routine (x2)
  • One more half mile run at all out intensity
  • Finish with the same strength routine.

I completed everything in less than 30 minutes and it was a tough one. No matter your fitness level, you can do something similar.
For example – if you aren’t into running, try an elliptical or bike


If you aren’t, yet, able to do pull-ups do some back extensions with a band. (but instead of 5 do 25 reps)

There are a lot of variations on this same workout, so the next time you are pinched for time give it a try. I was dripping in sweat, and loved every second of it.