Jo Landgren

Hear how Jo Landgren’s found her WHY for being in the Boot Camp/Weight Loss Challenge.

She lost nearly 20lbs in just 6 weeks!

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Louis Angotti

Check out the amazing story of how Louis Angotti lost 70lbs and gained so much more.
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Melt Down Winners

The Results are in… After 6 weeks of competition the 6 teams lost over 300 Pounds!

I just finished the final tallies and it is so cool to see so many people achieve such tremendous success.


Without any further delay, here are the Individual and Team Winners:

Top Overall Winning Team:

Kim’s Wed/Fri 5:15am Kettlebell Class: Three people lost 5.48% of their starting body-weight adding up to over 30lbs.

Taking Second Place:

My Mon, Wed and Fri 10:15am Kettlebell Class: 11 People Lost 4.86% and 75.5 lbs.

Great Job to all the teams.

Those who are on the Wed/Fri Winning Team, congratulations on such an amazing program together.


Individual Body-Fat Winner (Top Prize is 3 Months of Unlimited Training for your current program)

Top Prize Goes to – Louis Angotti dropping 25.12% of his body-fat! Way to go Louis.

Here are a few other folks who had tremendous changes (although there are many more not listed who should be so proud of their results).

2nd – Dawn Randall – 17.63%

3rd – Becky Rowles – 17.32%

4th – Bob Wooster – 17.02%

5th – Mike White – 14.37%

6th – Jo Landgren – 13%

7th – Brett Lathem – 12.74%


Now for the Grand Prize… 6 Months of Unlimited Group Training in Boot Camp or Kettlebell – Top % of Weight  Lost.

This prize (valued at over $1200) goes to Jo Landgren for losing 12% of her starting body-weight! Congratulations Jo for such an amazing finish to your program!

Here are the next set of individuals who also had tremendous weight loss and deserve to be recognized:

2nd – Dawn Randall – 10.49%

3rd – Peter Adams – 10.39%

4th – Brett Lathem – 7.63%

5th – Paul Nunnweiler – 7.46%

6th – Melanie Rexrode – 7.35%

7th – Becky Rowles – 7.34%

Lastly, the top person from each team also gets a free 1hour massage with Amber Ollis. Here are the top performers from each team: (not including someone who won a top overall prize body-fat or weight lost)

Boot Camps:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri 5:15am – Brett Lathem who lost 7.63% and 20 total pounds.
  • Tue and Thur at 10:15am – Kayona Moreland
  • Tue and Thur at 5:45pm – Karin Barber


  • Mon, Wed, Fri 10:15am – Dawn Randall who was also runner up overall (she lost an awesome 17lbs)
  • Tue ad Thur at 5:15am – Peter Adams with 8.58% lost
  • Wed and Fri at 5:15am – Paul Nunnweiler losing 17 pounds

Now, what I need from each of you in order to receive your prizes:

A Written testimonial sharing your experience during this 6-week Challenge.

Then, those of you on the winning Kettlebell team – your favorite flavor of spark and your t-shirt size.

Jo Landgren and Louis Angotti – I will meet with each of you and get a very quick and easy video testimonial for your experience in the program. Please email me to setup a time to do this together.

For everyone else, congratulations on such an amazing job these past 6 weeks. I look forward to continued progress.

If you are not a member and wish to find out how each of these individuals achieved such tremendous results, email me and you can receive a complimentary consultation (a $89 value).

Your Coach



All my current clients, if you have anyone wishing to try out Kettlebell or Boot Camp just have them call or email me and they can get a Free workout together.



A big thank you to you guys for what you do!

So, I went to the eye doctor today and while checking out I gave the lady my credit card and ID. She looked at my ID and said, “that is not you.” I said, “yeah, it’s me….about 30 pounds ago!”. We sat and talked about what I have been doing and at the end of the conversation she said, “ You have been an inspiration to me today. Keep up the good work.” It made me smile. A big thank you to you guys at [Grittons Training System] for what you do!!!!!

Brandi Davenport

Renee Day, mother of 3, Lost Over 25lbs


Wow! a lot has changed in my life since I met Jeremy Gritton. Two years ago, June 2009, my husband introduced me to Jeremy. I have struggled with my weight for the last 10 years constantly dieting to try to lose 5 to 25 pounds. I never had very much success. I would diet, lose weight and then put it back on plus a couple more pounds. I joined a boot-camp and the weight melted off my body. I felt great. My three teenage kids are trying to keep up with me! Over the first 10 months, I lost approximately 38 pounds. I went from a size 10/12 to a 4/5.

Then, enter the kettlebell. Jeremy offered a free class to try strength training with kettlebells. This class is so much FUN! I can’t wait to get up at 4:15 a.m. We are constantly learning new challenging exercises. My upper body strength has probably doubled in the last 6 months. I am extremely pleased with the definition that I see in my arms, shoulders, biceps, and chest. When I see people that I have not seen in a year or so they have to do a double-take. Kettlebells have completely transformed my total body.


Renee Day

I love the workout, I love the instructor and my classmates. I see results ALREADY!!

My name is Pam Atkinson.   My husband and I have worked out all our lives.   We’ve had personal trainers, done countless group classes, etc.  They are all good and have helped us stay strong and in good shape.   However, the older age belly budge/love handle problem areas and more never seem to be impacted much.  
My husband signed up first.  He was my guinea pig.  I didn’t want to spend the money to get the same results I was getting with my regular fitness program.   Well let me tell you, after a few months, my husband is love handle-LESS!!!   The slap in the face came when we were in pilates and they can do core positions that I can’t do!  My husband and the rest of the Kettlebell group look absolutely amazing and have an unbelievable bond with each other.      Talk about being mad at myself for not joining when he did!!!!  They have inspired me, and  I am now signed up!   I have been in class for 2 weeks.   I now realize my core has been ridiculously weak.    Kettebell is strengthening my core and all other hard to get at areas.   I love the workout, I love the instructor and my classmates.   I see results ALREADY!!!!!   I am now a kettlebell lover!!!
Stay tuned!!!!!
Pam Atkinson