Avoiding Weekend Binge Eating

Hey gang,

After Boot Camp this morning I was thinking about the weekend coming up and how I might actually have a few minutes to relax on Sunday (if Brandy doesn’t make me do anything that is). She calls me a couch potato if I dare lay on the couch for more than about 10 minutes 🙂

If you are like me, the weekends are usually the hardest time to avoid temptations and binge eating.

Why is that???

During the week you have structure, you can plan and you are busier. This all goes out the window when you get off schedule, people want to go out to eat, you have idle hands or perhaps boredom sets in. That is actually my trigger to over-eat. When I get bored I think of food.

I thought I would give you 5 tips to avoid over-doing-it this weekend.

  1. If you are at a gathering and having a drink, set yourself a 1 or 2 drink limit for the evening and always try to find a lower calorie drink. Maybe a Samual Adams (not low calorie, but the best around) or Light as a better choice.
  2. If you find yourself reaching for a not-so-good food choice. Stop, wait 5 seconds, then ask yourself if it is really worth it. I can tell you this works because I had a moment like this last night… Brandy and the kids were at the Georgia State Fair and when I got home I was off schedule because of no bed-time stories or dinner, etc… This lead me to be a little off and I desperately wanted a bowl of fruit loops… I was holding the box and said… Do I really need this, is it worth it. I put it down and it worked 🙂
  3. If boredom sets in, DO SOMETHING! Go for a walk, read a book, get on the internet… OR what about a little workout. Do some pushups, situps, dips, body-weight squats instead of being bored and blowing your hard work over the course of the week.
  4. Drink more water. Sometimes people mis-interpret hunger with thirst. Drink 8ozs of water and then see if you are still hungry.
  5. Finally, utilize some type of high quality fat-burner such as Advocare’s Thermoplus. Not only will it help curve your appetite, but it will give you some additional energy and help your body burn up to 300 extra calories in one day. You can get yourself a little “weekend damage control” at my webstore anytime you want: www.advocare.com/08034059 Its located in the TRIM product line.

In summary, when you feel the urges this weekend (or any weekend) try one or two of these tricks to keep your healthy lifestyle on track. This way, come Monday morning you aren’t feeling guilty and feel the need to starve yourself or give up your new healthy living nutritional plan.

Keep the wheels on the track Friday – Sunday and Monday-Thursday are a lot more pleasant, I guarantee. Your in a better mood, your perform better at home and at work and ohh yeah… I don’t have to get onto you for a bad weigh-in at boot camp.

Your Coach


Healthy Breakfast Meal

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share with each of you a really great tasting recipe one of your fellow GTS Clients came up with.

Maria Knight told me about this healthy pancake mix high in protein. Before one of our sessions she brought it in (you know the way to a country boys heart is through the stomach) and I LOVED it.

Here is the “skinny” on the ingredients.

1/2 Cup of Old Fashioned Oatmeal

2 Egg Whites

1 Whole Egg

2 ozs of Milk

Then mix it all in a blender and cook in a pan like a normal pancake.

Here is the nutritional breakdown: (which is a perfect breakfast)

Fat – 4.5

Sodium – 192

Carbohydrates – 32

Fiber – 4

Protein – 20

Maria also brought me some all natural honey to dip it in and I must say that put the pancakes over the top!

If you have a healthy recipe post it here for the rest of the group to see.

Your Coach