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OUR Success Stories

Coach Jeremy met with my daughter and listened to her goals. He developed a plan to help her physically obtain those goals, but the biggest gift was how he helped her pan MENTALLY to obtain those goals, from visualizing to writing them out and taping them to her mirror. He constantly encouraged her to put in the work and she learned she was able to achieve anything she set her mind out to do, for this I cannot thank him enough.
Claire Wilson
UGA Cheerleader
We knew Livy was physically strong but she was extremely weak mentally... Jeremy had Livy write her goals in a journal. Entry #1 was to play Division I tennis for Davidson. So, Jeremy told her she needed to get to work. The hardest sleeper in the world started waking up at 5:30am two days a week to go to GTS! When we were traveling for tournaments, the first person I would receive a text from asking about Livy was always Jeremy.
Olivia Hooper
Davidson Tennis
"When I am on the mound, I know that I have put in the work and know I can achieve anything because of the confidence he has instilled in me. His workouts push my limits and force me to build mental strength... GTS not only develops athletes with the physical ability to succeed, but more importantly, the mental ability to overcome all obstacles and push for their biggest goals. It's because of his, guidance, and coaching that I was able to achieve my goal."
Rebecca Muh
In 2yrs at GTS I have lost 25 pounds, finally I have a six pack and better than that I don't have my "man boobs"! I love GTS and will be a member for life!
Gordon Fraser
A.K.A. "DOC"
The GTS coaches have helped me learn how to eat and exercise to have a STRONG body. They also teach proper exercise form and will modify workouts to meet your needs
Donna and Jason Schultz
I joined GTS about three years ago to lose weight, be healthy and look good. I enjoy the whole environment Jeremy has created. I have rediscovered the "Joy of Slim"
Patti and Frank Kadkhodaian



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