There is a Secret

Sometimes, there really are secrets…

This is one of those times and one of those secrets. The secret, that most women have been lied to about.  The secret to losing weight, gaining strength and confidence and getting stronger is to EAT. EAT carbs, EAT fat, EAT protein and LIFT weights.  Unfortunately our society has been telling young women for decades, “if you want to look good, don’t eat”.  That leads to reduced muscle mass, which leads to a slower metabolism and having to eat even fewer calories and in general being miserably “hangry”.

The good news, the SECRET, is that you can fix it. It doesn’t happen overnight, but then again nothing of real value does.

If you would like help and are ready to stop starving yourself and worrying about what the scale says every morning, let me share with you our Little Black Dress Contest.

You will be rocking that black dress, not because it’s a size 4,6, 12  or whatever… but because you have the confidence in your own skin knowing you’ve earned it. You’ve worked hard to build strong muscle and regain that healthful feeling – then it won’t matter what you’re wearing. You won’t give a crap about looking like some stick figure women on a fashion magazine cover who’s been airbrushed, photo-shopped and touched up to look “perfect”.  You’ll be healthier, stronger, and full of the energy you need to enjoy you and your life.

The Black Dress program is being offered at ALL these times:

  • Mon, Wed and Fri: 5, 5:45am, 7, 7:45am, 9 and 9:45am
  • Tue and Thur: 5am, 8:30am, 5:30pm
  • Sat: 8am
  • AND includes YOGA (because every women needs a little time for herself… just to prepare mentally and physically to meet her daily demands) every Thur at 9:30am and Sun at 3:00pm

We are giving this program away for $197.

(First Five people registered receive a Private One on One Coaching session.)

You get 15 sessions to use however and whenever you want over the 6-week contest (Oct 6th – Nov 17th). Plus, if you use all 15 sessions you get your name entered into the drawing for a $250 Prize.

If you are open to this secret and want to make a change, but one that will last much longer than 6 weeks, contact Kari to find out how to get started; Kari’s Email

No more secrets, no more lies and no more stressing over the scale or the size of the dress.  Just feeling confident, vibrant and more like YOU.

Hope to see you on the other side,

Coach Jeremy

P.S. All new members receive access to one of two Introductory Classes. This way you can come into your first session knowing fully what to expect, armed with the technique and form to keep you safe and having met and made other friends getting started with you.

Anything Good is Hard

It’s true you know, anything worth anything in life is going to be hard. That’s what makes is so special.

Seems like every day at our new GTS studio (as we try to complete construction and prepare for our September 1st opening) something, some new obstacle, comes up that we have to work around.

We overcome that issue (like our electricity being fed into our space from the suite next door) and then on to easy sailing right? Nope, next day we find out… there is a leak in the roof. Start working on that, get the repair guy there and all good right? ANNNNNNND wrong again, now we find out part of the plumbing is connected to the suite next door.


That’s okay, because anything good makes you become more. Whether it’s fulfilling a dream like mine (of opening my own gym) or it’s a dream you have it is totally and 100% worth it.

If you are working towards a major goal like trying to lose weight or a big race of some kind, it’s never going to be easy. There will be days when it’s hard, darn near impossible to keep going and stay the course.

Honestly though, that’s the point isn’t it? I’ll tell you that without this push, this struggle we won’t ever be stretched and pushed and challenged to become more than what we are right now.

It’s this journey that makes the end result so special. Jim Rohn said it best when he said “Whatever good things we build end up building us”. I believe that with all my heart because I’ve watched clients build themselves into something inspiring year after year.

Here’s the thing though, every day you’ve got to just show up and work up. Even on the days when you don’t feel like it, or you feel like you are just treading water, still show up for your workout and make smart choices that day. Because what is the alternative? Giving up, quitting, trying yet another thing and moving on to start all over with a new weight loss program?

Let those days be what make you stronger and challenge you to BECOME more.

Speaking of becoming more, if you feel you want to have someone to push you and a family of supportive GTS clients/coaches to provide the support you need… we are in phase two of our pre-sale for the new location. Phase one is over, but phase two still provides you with over $1000 in upgrades and bonuses… If you want more information email me and I can give you the breakdown of all our personal training sessions.

Be sure to check out the progress at our new location on our facebook fanpage.

Wall of FameSpecifically this wall, my favorite part of the entire facility. We are going to call it the “Wall of Fame” and it will be how our GTS community encourages and supports one another. This way you never have to worry about being just a number and getting lost in the crowd.


Your Coach;


P.S. Friday August 21st ends phase two of of our pre-sale so let me know if you want the upgrades and bonuses before they are gone.

Dreams Come True Part 2


That’s me and the family the day we closed on the new personal training studio.

The dream, that has been 10 yrs in the making… If you’ve been looking for a place to call home and somewhere that you feel welcome, cared for and inspired is coming your way. September 1st will be opening day for the new GTS personal training facility.

The GTS training studio will be a place where everyone knows your name, a place where you can’t get lost in the crowds and a place that I believe will become a home away from home. A small place where BIG Dreams are realized by way more than just me.

Two big things are in this post, I guarantee it’s worth the read.

  1. We have completely changed our business model – Now we only offer Semi-Private personal training packages. That means 1 coach and no more than 5 people. More on that in a moment, but the biggest reason is so that we have more time to coach and help each person during all our workouts.
  2. We are rolling out a huge pre-sale where you can reserve one of the remaining spots with several upgrades and discounts. If you act quick you can get over $1,000 in bonuses/savings.

These semi-private sessions are designed so that my coaches and I can have more interaction with each person. Including a monthly private coaching session that will allow everyone to have that personal time outside the workout.

I will tell you, that because the size of each coaching group is so much smaller, we are being very particular with whom we give a spot to. This is not a low price, cross-fit or other version of boot camp/ large group training. What we are now offering is a premium service with all of the following:

  • Tons of flexibility – we have sessions all over (5am, 5:45am, 7am, 7:45am, 9am and 9:45am… then 5 and 5:45pm). Anytime there is an opening you can plug your name into any of those days or times. So if your schedule is unpredictable this flexibilty will ensure you get your workouts in each week.
  • Monthly private coaching session – the first Tuesday of every month each person will receive a private consult for nutrition, exercise, accountability, etc
  • Monthly cardio assignments – we are providing a specific workout for you to do on your off days, so you never have to waste another minute or wonder what your schedule should look like.
  • Fusion of Training Styles – we have taken the best parts from our Kettlebell, Boot Camp and Gravity (TRX) training and fused it into a SAFE and incredibly effective workout. PLUS – now we can ensure that if anything with high impact doesn’t work for you (but you still want to get a killer workout in) we can give you another “challenge” designed just for you.
  • Packages of Sessions Like 1-on-1 Personal Training –  Based on how long you enroll you will receive a # of sessions so that even if you miss a session you do not lose it.

I could go on and on, but I know you are wanting to hear about the pre-sale so I’ll get to it.

There are three tiers (packages) you can come in at, if you beat the deadline…

Deadline #1 – August 14th you will receive the same package that I offered my current clients… (This is up to a $1125.00 upgrade/savings)

  • It is an automatic upgrade where you pay the lower two day per week option, but get the three day per week option at that price.
  • Our new GTS Starter Pack  that has a GTS Embroidered Towel, GTS Water Bottle, GTS T-Shirt and Advocare Summer Sampler filled with limited time flavors of Spark, Snack bars, Electrolyte Replacements, Energy Drinks called SLAM and everything else you need to blast through your first month of training with us. (This pack is a $125 Value)
  • We will also WAVE the one time $99 enrollment fee.

Deadline #2 –  August 21st (This package will still give you a $1,000 upgrade/savings)

  • GTS Starter Pack (listed above)
  • The current clients GTS pricing and upgrade to the higher packages.

Deadline #3 – August 28th (Will still save you up to $900) 

  • Current GTS client pricing and upgrades

I must share with you that the 5am and 5:45am sessions are already booked and having a waiting list, but we do have a few spots in the other time slots for Mon, Wed and Fridays (7am, 7:45am, 9am and 9:45am).

If you would like to setup a time to meet and discuss in more detail email me directly:

I can’t wait to share this dream of mine with you, while helping you reach your dreams.


Stay Tuned for the Transformation as it Happens.


Dreams Come True Part 1

I can not spill the beans just yet… but BIG Changes are happening at Gritton’s Training System.

Next Friday I will announce exactly what is going on, how it will be revolutionary in Fayette County, and how you can be apart of it.

Until then our current 90 + GTS clients get first opportunity to claim their spots.

Be on the look out for next weeks post and the BIG BIG news about a decade long dream coming true.


Is Strength Cardio

This past week, we finished our first ever program called “Inner Circle” and I’ve been meeting with each person to discuss their thoughts, as well as how we can make it better for next time. One common theme that I’ve heard is “what about cardio”.

Many of them were doing more strength training days than normal and what was perceived as less cardio. In our follow-up private session, I was sharing something with most of them I thought would be of benefit for you.

Is strength training cardio? Answer is YES… When it’s done properly that is. If you finish a set of squats, for example, how is your heart rate? When done properly and with the appropriate amount of weight, your heart rate should be SKY HIGH.

Obviously, knowing how to do a squat properly is a big factor in that equation. If you aren’t doing them properly you will hurt yourself if you go too heavy.

Here is another question for you? What is the point of cardio training?

  • Is it for the calorie burn?
  • What about building endurance?
  • Is it for our Heart and to strengthen the ability to pump blood?
  • Or is it because its just easier sometimes to zone out and get on a machine? I know I occasionally find myself doing a run so I can zone out and not think much about form and reps, etc… (can you relate?)

Maybe it’s all of the above, maybe it’s because you heard Dr Oz say  you should do cardio X number of times each week. Whatever the reason, I’m here to tell you when you do strength training the right way you don’t need very much cardio in order to be healthy and change your body shape.

Ask my “Inner Circle” class if their heart rate was up after yesterdays “595” workout. Ask them if they felt like they strengthened their heart? Even though they would ALL say yes to that, the stigma is that when we say cardio people think immediately about things like:

  • Spin Class
  • Running
  • Elliptical
  • Swimming, etc…

While all those things are amazing, and I enjoy so many versions of “cardio” I want everyone to know the truth about Strength Training. Mostly how it can and does serve as cardio (when done properly). Next time you are in a strength class, pay attention to your heart rate when you finish a set of something (especially big muscle groups like legs, chest, back, etc). Is it high? It certainly should be.

So, on that same vein, what is “Strength Training”? I would classify it as, any time you are pushing or pulling against any kind of resistance.

With that said, isn’t swimming pulling against resistance and isn’t running up a hill pushing against gravity? So isn’t most cardio, strength training and isn’t most strength training, cardio?

YES they are! So why do we get so caught up in the when do I do this and when do I do that? You got me… All I know is if I/YOU need to choose one week between strength or cardio you should always choose strength.

Just keep in mind that when you have the proper technique and can push yourself in the right way, Strength Training is packed full of cardiovascular training.

Now, GO, and be STRONG.

Your Coach;


P.S. Here is another subject that’s recently come to the forefront, how long can you do back to back strength training days (when you train full body each time)? The answer, not long. Unless you are doing only 1-2 body-parts per day, you need to take some time to allow your body to rest from the damage you’ve done with the strength training. It’s okay for a few weeks at a time, but then you need to get back to an every other day routine for full-body strength training. Think – “Work, Recover – Work, Recover”

Less Carbs and Calories

Lower Carbs, Lower Calories but the SAME great product for Energy, Vitamins, Mental Focus and even pre-workout fuel.

If you are a spark fan like myself, this is great news! Advocare was able to reduce one of the inactive ingredients called maltodextrin. I never knew this, but Maltodextrin is where three or more carbohydate molecules are joined together to help product pass through equipment during manufacturing.

One of the things I love about Advocare is that they are always ahead of the curve and looking for ways to improve. With their new access to better manufacturing equipment, they have now been able to reduce from:

45 Calories – to Only 15 Calories

11 Carbohydrates- to only 4 Carbs

They did this without changing any of the active ingredients like B-Vitamins, Chromium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and all the other great stuff.

You still mix the scoop (which is smaller) in 80zs of water.

Who is SPARK for?

  1. Everyone… Seriously though, it has so many applications and is helpful in so many ways there are hundreds of ways it can make an impact in your daily life.
  2. If you struggle with energy or mental focus around that 2-3pm time – The B-Vitamins are like brain food and will help you re-focus and finish up your day.
  3. If you are a coke or diet coke drinker – I can’t tell you how many people Spark has helped kick the nasty soda habit.
  4. If you need something to use before your workouts – If you ever struggle to get in the right nutrients or run out of energy before you finish your training session. Not only the vitamins that are in it, but the caffeine (equivalent to a cup of coffee) will help power you through your training session and ensure you are burning FAT instead of lean muscle.
  5. If you are a heavy coffee drinker – Don’t get me wrong now, I love love love a good cup of coffee (black) but when it turns into 3, 4 or a pot of coffee that is a bad thing. Perhaps its that you take your coffee with cream, sugar, etc… It’s like I used to tell my wife Brandy, you have cream and sugar with a splash of coffee!

As you can see there are so many applications, but in the end… I feel that if we just have enough energy the decisions we make are usually so much better.

Too tired to… go to the gym

Too tired to… prepare a healthy meal

Too tired to… keep working on that big project

Too tired to… (you fill in the blank)

With this new and improved formula I want to encourage each of you to take the SPARK challenge:

If you struggle with any of the above, give it one month and just see. One box of Spark has 14 packets so two boxes will get you almost a month. Or, a canister has 42 servings and is even more economical per serving.

Get Yours Right here: Gritton’s Advocare Site